Reservation tickets: new option to debit tickets according to the time reserved (1 ticket = X minutes)
ianuarie 2017

When you activate the ticket system in the subscription configuration, the subscriber must have a ticket on his account to be able to reserve a time slot. If you enable online payment (PayPal/Paybox), the subscriber will be able to make a credit card payment to credit tickets to their account. You can also sell reservation tickets in the clubhouse by crediting them to the player's account at the time of purchase (menu "User Management").

A new option related to this ticket system is now available and aims to solve a problem encountered by many clubs, especially when subscribers are allowed tochoose the duration of their reservation (see image below).

Currently, when a player books several slots in a row (for example from 9:00 to 11:00), only one reservation ticket is debited to the player's account.

This new option allows you to define the exact duration of a ticket so that the player's account is debited according to the duration of the reservation. For example, if you set the duration of a ticket to 30 minutes, the player will be charged 2 tickets for a 60 minute reservation and 3 tickets for a 90 minute reservation.

Customized time slots: subscriber is allowed to book up to 3 hours of afillées.
More information

To set up this new option, go to the menu Administration > Users > Subscriptions. Open a subscription and click on the "Tickets" tab. You will then find the new option "Duration of a reservation ticket":

Administration > Users > Subscriptions > Tickets

On the reservation boards, the player can now consult the status of his account and access the online payment in one click:

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information please contact us for more information about the ticket system and the online payment of reservations or invitations. We are at your disposal if you need help, have questions or simply have suggestions.

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