Tennis Club Lorentzweiler

Tennis Club Lorentzweiler

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Bonjour, Je cherche une personne disponible pour des entrainements réguliers une fois par semaine, le matin. Dear All, I am looking for someone to train on a regular basis, once a week, in the morning. Cheers!

Niveau recherché : Moyen
Préférences : matin
Jours : lun.  •  jeu.  •  ven.


Hello, I'm usually available during the week and I'm looking for someone to play with me. I have played tennis before but I need to practice so I would like to say that I am a beginner. If it is convenient during the weekday afternoon or evening, you can write to me, I live at Lorentzweiler and I can come right away.

Niveau recherché : Beginner
Préférences : après-midi  |  soir
Jours : lun.  •  mar.  •  mer.  •  jeu.  •  ven.


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