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Tennis Club Senningerberg

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Pas encore inscrit? Créez un compte dans notre club et réservez un terrain en quelques clics!

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  COVID New Rules UPDATE Jan 8th

INDOOR & OUTDOOR TENNIS allowed again as of 11th January 


OBLIGATIONS: COVID good practices


  • Players must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before typing the code and entering the court.


  • One-way traffic flow inside the club: In order to avoid any crossover between players, we ask you to respect the one-way traffic flow recently implemented in the Club: i.e. entry to the courts passing along the side of court 2 and returning from downstairs along court 1. Recommended acces from lower parking behind the Brasserie to avoid crossing with Brasserie's clients.
  • Respect of barrier gestures and physical distance (2 m minimum): At any time and in any place even in rest rooms.
  • Wearing the mask everywhere inside the club, except on the courts and under the shower 😀.


  • The rules of social distancing of minimum 2m must be respected also on the field.
    • Chairs, bench and at all times the players must be more than 2m from each other.
    • When changing side, each player passes from on side of the net without crossing each other.
    • No handshake at the end of the game
  • Avoid touching, or disinfect, anything you have touched with your hands that does not belong to you.
    • Dinsinfect your hands before and after playing. 
    • Each player will have to leave his towel in his bag, do not put it on the bench, chair, etc.
    • When it is not possible to avoid touching or because you do not want to wear gloves, wipe everything you have touched with your hands with a disinfectant wipe: bench, chair, net, brush, garden hose...
    • And of course, to each player his own bottle of water!

Any reservation of the courts is valid for acceptance and commitment of the players to respect these rules which all have the same goal: to protect each other. 
In case of non respect of the rules, the club reserves the right to withdraw the right to access the courts.

TCSenningerberg team can be contacted by e-mail for any questions.

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46 ans

LOOKING FOR SOME TENNIS? We need a fourth for our group! Soon! Monday 14.00 - 16.00 Indoor Court 1 Please contact Chris Atkinson Berto Reijnders 661 140 327 Christian Gohy 621 225 424

Préférences : après-midi
Jours : lun.
41 ans
41 ans

Hi everyone I am looking for a partner to practice tennis. I am flexible with the time.

Niveau recherché : Beginner
Préférences : matin  |  après-midi  |  soir
Jours : lun.  •  mar.  •  mer.  •  sam.  •  dim.